We provide a one-stop hub for all your learnings and queries regarding everything digital – be it content curation or strategy or even SEO.

What Do We Do?

With immaculate attention and strategy, we groom aspiring Content Creators and Digital Marketers and make them industry-ready!

MyDigital will also bring in Industry experts from various verticals to give you an authentic roadmap and training to be the next industry leader! Those industry experts will provide 1-2 hours of master class on their domains and niche.

Here’s the roadmap for anyone looking to enroll in MyDigital Academy :

1. Assessment

MyDigital Academy will feature an assessment form by which we can evaluate the skills of our students to understand where they stand in their journey of content writing.

2. Actionable guide + personalized strategy

After personally assessing each and every candidate, MyDigital Academy will provide a personalized guide and strategy on how we can improve the skills and knowledge of the enrolled candidates.

3. Masterclass

MyDigital is going to provide top-notch Masterclasses from Industry experts for the students. Learn from their years’ worth of experience, their wisdom, their failures, their success, and their learnings- all boiled down in a 1-hour class.

4. Assignments from MyDigital

MyDigital Academy will hand out different assignments to all based on their caliber and their area of interest, their niche, and their preferred industry/domain making sure they hone their skills.

5. Conducting quiz sessions

Adding a unique touch of education via interaction, MyDigital will host different quiz sessions to sharpen and groom aspiring writers and push them toward excellence.

6. Grades + Certificate

Certificates have no significance if the students didn’t acquire any skills or knowledge during the course. Hence, we provide grades in the certificate based on their performance during their tenure with MyDigital Academy.

Why MyDigital Academy?

Making ‘YOU’ the center of MyDigital Academy- as you grow, we prosper.

In addition, we provide various world-class resources free of cost. Our aim is to provide value to each and every one of you reading this. Our aim is to deliver an opulence of value, which will make you come back to us time and again.

Our vision with MyDigital Academy

As we roll out various master classes on Content Writing, we will be expanding to all the other verticals that fall under anything digital – hence MyDigital.

With our heads held high, we can claim that everyone that joins and completes their courses in this academy will be industry-ready and eligible to bag various jobs or internships.

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