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Every company’s success is dependent on its team. We’re a small team, but we’re always looking for new members who are passionate about creating quality content. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch with us!

Work From Office, Work Remotely, Hybrid
We Have Work Styles That Work For You

Why do you want to choose when you have it all?

More Time, More Fun, More Life

Work From Office

Don’t hesitate to throw out your worst idea we won’t judge!

Work Remotely

Practice the hell of worst ideas no one is going to judge!


Discuss the worst ideas in your home or just check in we are still not going to judge!

Perks of Working At

Freelancing with a regular supply of work.

The plan is to be here for a long time. Be a full-time Ninja with us. You can be our next hire.

Freelancing with a regular supply of work.

Not ready to commit yet? We get it, you’re always welcome at MyDigital as a freelancer.

World-class content marketing courses.

We said you’ll be a ninja when you join us. Wondering how? The answer is in our library of Courses!

Career Advancements.

Meet with the manager regularly and other senior team members for regular meets to get feedback and hone your skills.

Therapy Stipend.

Mental Health is a priority at MyDigital. We allot a monthly stipend for your Well-being.

Health Insurance.

We provide health coverage for all our employees.


We hope you are well-updated with all the meme references. The Troop is Quirky!


For the love of Music, we have a banging surprise for our full-time members!

Financial Planning

Hit your financial goals faster with a finance coach.

Simplify everything digitally with MyDigital.

Get In Touch

Please get in touch if you think we might work well together and we can discuss your ideas.


It all started with a vision- a vision of creation, deployment, & giving it back! Saas Content Marketing | MyDigital for Affiliate Portfolio | MyDigital Academy!

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