The Founder

" Making ‘YOU’ the center in MyDigital - it’s always about providing value first. "

A content marketer at heart and with finesse for affiliate marketing, he has seen the tectonic shift in everything – be it his life or profession. Even his disastrous and life-changing spinal cord injury couldn’t hinder the vision he had with MyDigital and we’re just gearing up for more!

Shubham Singh

Meet Our Team

“Teamwork begins by building trust.”

My Digital Director Satyaprakash



MyDigital Rohit Shewale

Rohit Shewale


MyDigital AkashDeep Singh

Akashdeep Singh


MyDigital Bhavesh Jadhav

Bhavesh Jadhav

SEO Manager

MyDigital Rahas Razack

Rahas Razack

Content Manager

Eram Shaikh

Eram Shaikh

Content Strategist

Why Us?

At MyDigital, we have a staunch and ardent team that drives with the “what next!” approach, always expanding to newer horizons. The zealous team can even move mountains when it comes to execution by not compromising a tad bit on quality. Your vision is our holy grail and we turn it into reality by hook or by crook.

We have a repertoire of skills fused with years of experience and learning spread across the team. MyDigital strives to provide value-oriented results and not just spam you with numbers. And we rely on human expertise and not bots giving you the humane touch in everything we do and provide.

Our motto of “Value first, numbers later!” is what sets us apart from our peers.

Simplify everything digitally with MyDigital.

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It all started with a vision- a vision of creation, deployment, & giving it back! Saas Content Marketing | MyDigital for Affiliate Portfolio | MyDigital Academy!

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